5 Different Ways of Making Money with Expired Domains

There is a lot of buzz going around expired domains across the web. The demand for quality expired domains is spiking high. Especially the aged domains with strong backlinks are being bidded heavily on the auctions.

This brings us to the question,

Why should someone invest heavily in an expired domain?!

In this blog post, we're here to help you discover the different ways of making money with expired domains.

1. Building Money Websites on Expired Domains

A powerful expired domain with good contextual links featuring a specific niche can be used to build money websites. Building money sites on expired domains helps you leverage the SERP ranking much faster.

As SEO is leaning more toward EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness), an expired domain that got featured on big websites has already gained authority and trust, which give you a major head start in the SERP. As a result, less time is spent on the Google sandbox effect, and facilitates higher chances of ranking the keywords on top.

While choosing an expired domain for building money sites it's important to have clarity on the factors like the niche of the domain, wayback content, authority backlinks, domain age, monetization options, budget, keywords, and more.

These money websites can be built as affiliate websites / display advertising websites / e-commerce websites / business websites / coupon websites.

Affiliate websites are those websites that promote affiliate products, and they offer a way to earn passive income. You may not own the products, but rather promote the products of other brands or people through affiliate links. In this way, you earn a commission upon every successful sale.

When it comes to display advertising websites, you can monetize your website by placing advertisements of ad networks like Google AdSense, Taboola, and more. You will get paid based on the clicks or impressions. In general higher the traffic, the better the earnings.

2. Building PBNs on expired domains

PBN refers to Private Blog Networks. PBNs are a bunch of websites usually built on expired domains with the intention to increase the ranking of the main websites. PBNs are also called 'feeder' sites as they are used to pass link equity to the main website. As a result, your main website's ranking power and authority get boosted.

Additionally, PBN owners can also sell paid backlinks to other businesses and earn money.

Building PBN is one of the powerful link-building strategies as your competitors can't get backlinks from your PBNs which gives you an edge over them. The owner has full control of the PBN links. The PBNs can be created with minimal effort, and you can quickly pass on the link juice to your main websites.

3. Gain an SEO advantage by 301 redirecting expired domains

You can leverage the SERP ranking of your main website by using the 301-redirect method.

A 301 redirect is the process of redirecting a relevant expired domain to another main website. But does this redirection of one domain to another have any benefits? It certainly does! When a domain is 301 redirected, the existing authority and link juice of the redirected domain is passed on to the main website.

It's important to make sure the niche/content of the expired domains you are about to redirect is in some way related to the main website. In general, it takes 50 to 100 days to observe the impact of 301 redirections on SERP.

4. Resell an expired domain for a profit

Apart from using expired domains to benefit your main websites, there are also other ways to earn profit. You can buy expired domain names at a comparatively lower price and then resell them at a higher price to your SEO clients or sell them on some popular expired domain marketplaces like Godaddy. This process is known as domain flipping, and many of our customers also made great profits by reselling our domains.

You can also buy expired domains and work on increasing their SEO value. Increasing the SEO value refers to building more backlinks, which enhances the overall quality of that domain. Once you have built the domain authority to a large extent, you can sell it to interested buyers at a higher price.

If you want to earn an even higher profit, you can build an entire blog or e-commerce site on the expired domain. Then work additionally hard to build backlinks and rank the potential keywords. Once you find that the domain has started ranking well in SERP, you can resell it at a humongous price to high-end buyers.

5. Sell backlinks on Expired domains

Several website owners are making a profit by selling backlinks. After buying an expired domain and further building a content website over it, one can start selling backlinks from it. Instead of waiting to make money on the traffic driven on the website, it's easier to sell backlinks to buyers looking to get links on blogs with some authority.

Most website owners have used this technique through sponsored posts. For instance, these bloggers have monetized their websites by selling backlinks or sponsored posts. The blogger of Fit Mommy in Heels earned $9500 in a single month by selling sponsored posts. Likewise, a finance-related blog called Financials earned $2000 from sponsored posts, and this was five years ago. You can only imagine the amount that this blogger is earning today.

We rise by lifting others.
~Robert Ingersoll

The trick is to partner with websites and brands that are connected with your target audience. For instance, if you are a cake baker then partnering with Theobroma or Dark Temptations is the way to go. They are likely to have a significant budget at hand to sponsor posts.

You can also partner with link-building agencies that can lead you to your customers daily. They can accelerate the number of leads coming to you as they have a huge demand for high-quality links on strong websites.

You can also join influencer networks that can position your brand and website correctly. Also, reach out to link buyers and let them know that you are accepting sponsored posts.

We hope you find the above tips useful and relevant to make money with expired domains.

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