Does Expired Domains Help You Rank Quickly?

As you probably know, ranking keywords in Google SERP takes a considerable amount of time, money and effort. But SEO experts around the globe fast-track the ranking process using expired domains with powerful backlinks.

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Expired Domains VS Fresh Domains

Expired domain comes with plenty of benefits like pre-built authority, age, contextual backlinks and more. Thus it requires minimal efforts to rank in Google using expired domain. Domain Coasters acquires the world’s finest list of expired domain names with different domain extensions and niches. These expired domains can be used for building money websites, PBNs and for 301 redirection.
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Doing SEO with Newly Registered Domains

While we understand that you can get your desired brand name and a fresh start with a newly registered domain, we also need you to understand that it’s going to be long road before you see any result on search engines with fresh domains.
  • Insanely expensive to build authority links
  • Takes months or years for target keywords to get top position
  • Gets stuck into Google's sandbox effect for months
  • Takes years to gain MOZ Domain Authority, Ahrefs Domain Rating and Majestic Trust Flow
Market is crowded with low quality domains

These days, everyone is selling expired domain names online.

Let us make one thing perfectly clear.

Sellers are not sure what they’re doing and this leads to a massive number of low-quality and spammy domains in the marketplace.

  • Huge risk of getting poor quality spammed domain name
  • Ridiculously Expensive domain name, with little to no value for your investment
  • You might end up getting spammed and penalized domain name
  • No proper support from the seller post-purchase
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Finding Expired Domain Yourself Is Painful 😩

While there are 300,000+ expiring domains every day and 1000s of SEOs actively hunting to find domains with great value, it’s definitely tedious a process to get spam-free expired domain names.

  • Time-consuming process to filter the quality domain names
  • You need expensive SEO tools, domain auditing tools, and APIs
  • Tiring bidding wars for domain names in the auction
  • Recruiting and training VAs to spam-check the domains is hectic

Result Of Acquiring Overpriced And Spammed Expired Domains

If you have purchased spammed or bad-quality expired domain names, how do you expect them to perform? How does that affect your keyword rankings? How can it recoup your investment?

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Why Expired Domain Work?

It’s been proven several times by various experts that high quality expired domain work perfectly for ranking high volume keywords. More and more companies and individuals are realizing the ROI BOOST that expired domain names can provide - So taking advantage of it today is the best thing you can do to increase your profit!

Aged to perfection

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Wine tastes better with age, just like that search engine algorithm favours aged domains over new domain registration. Expired domain are already aged several years, this is major advantage.

Powerful link profile

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Good backlinks are the backbone of any website. Whether you’re starting with a new domain or using an expired domain, Quality backlinks pointing to your website keep Google happy and improves your ranking. Our aged domains have plenty of existing authority links pointing to them, thus saving your time and money.

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Skip that Sandbox

Most people don't know this, but newly registered domains can easily get stuck in Google's sandbox. However, Aged domains have already beaten the dreaded sandbox filter, got crawled & indexed, and are ready to lead the top position on SERP.

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Links To Root Domain

Building MOZ domain authority of a fresh domain requires hundreds of hours, money and efforts. But if you buy old domains, you can sit back and relax. The work is already done and you can reap the rewards instantly.

We've the best expired domains in the industry!

Domain Coasters was started to raise the standard of expired domains and make an impact in the market. And we make sure to keep our word!!! While 100,000+ domains expiring every single day, we identify the quality expired domains and follow some of the stringent quality check process to ensure you get the perfect expired domain names for your business.

Finest Backlink Profile

Our domains will have contextual backlinks from the Internet’s most authoritative sites like BBC, HuffPost, New York Times, etc

Spam Free Domains

Domain’s Nameserver History, Anchors text, Backlinks, Wayback Archive History, Google index are thoroughly spam-checked by our experts

Relevant Niche

We make sure that the expired domain names was never repurposed and the niche remained the same throughout the history of the domain.

Links To Root Domain

All our domains have links pointing direct to website homepage, this ensure that you get benefitted by the link juice which impacts the keyword ranking.

Google Indexed

Our Domains are already indexed that ensures the domain is free from Manual Actions or Penalties.

SEO Metrics

We use all important metrics such as MOZ Domain Authority / Page Authority, Ahrefs Domain Rating, Majestic Trust Flow to filter powerful domain names.

This Is Why 1000s Of Customers Love Domain Coasters

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A Brand That You Can Trust
a brand that you can trust
Due Diligence

All our domains goes through strict quality check where our team of trained professionals will manually check every aspect & metrics of the domain to ensure we get perfect domains for you.

Domain Experts

With years of experience, we know what we’re doing. We constantly test & work on our process to ensure you’re getting results with our domains.

We Value Your Investment

You will find expired domain names at a radically fair price compared to all other competitors considered. Even our higher price premium domains are comparatively affordable.

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Super Fast Domain Transfer

We’ve automated our workflow to transfer domain name registration to you within 24 hours of purchasing the domains. We can also transfer to your preferred domain registrar.

Providing Constant Results

Domains bought from us dominates the search results and get significant increase in return of investment. That's how you beat competition and win the game.

Customer Support

Feel free to ask us any questions about our services and our support agents will go out of their way to help you find a solution.


Take a quick look at our customer stories before buying expired domains from us! Our positive reviews speaks for itself!

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Domain Coasters is the most preferred marketplace for digital marketing agencies and SEO experts to buy expired domains with backlinks. Our search filters allow you to easily find the perfect expired domain for your business type. All our domains are spam-free and are transferred to your account for free within 24 hours.

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Still Not Convinced?
Our domains provide constant result for many people and the next one could be you!

If you’ve any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Here are some of the commonly asked questions about buying domains.

A domain life cycle refers to the various stages that a domain name goes through, from initial registration to eventual expiration or deletion. The life cycle of a domain typically includes the following stages:

Available: A domain is available for registration by anyone who wishes to purchase it.

Registered: Once a domain is purchased, it becomes registered and is associated with the registrant's contact information, such as name, address, and email.

Active: A domain is considered active when it is fully configured with a working website and accessible to internet users.

Expired: If the domain owner does not renew the registration before the expiration date, the domain will become expired, meaning it is no longer active or accessible to users.

Redemption: After the expiration date, some registrars offer a grace period called redemption, during which the owner can still renew the domain, usually at a higher cost than the initial registration fee.

Pending deletion: If the domain is not redeemed during the redemption period, it enters the pending deletion status. During this period, the domain cannot be renewed, and it will be deleted from the registry at the end of this stage.

Available for registration: Once the domain has been deleted from the registry, it becomes available for registration again, starting the cycle anew.

Each stage of the domain life cycle can have different rules and regulations, and it's essential to be aware of them to ensure that your domain remains active and accessible.

Please use the search and filter function on the Inventory page to find the perfect domains of your interest.

Dropped domains are domain names that have been previously registered but have not been renewed by the original owner or registrant, and have subsequently become available for registration again. In other words, a dropped domain is a domain that has expired and is no longer owned by anyone.

We primarily focus on top TLDs such as .com, .net, .org. However, we also own some domains in other extensions like .co,, .blog and more.

Yes, some of our domains will have traffic. Please use the traffic filter to find domains that have traffic to it.