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Why Should You Buy from Domain Coasters?

Quality over Quantity

All of our domains will have contextual links from High-Authority sites. We make sure all the domains has at least 30+ live referring domains.

Affordable Domains

Many domain brokers sell domains at ridiculous rates. At Domain Coasters, we decided to cap the profit margin.

Messenger Chat Bot Support

We've integrated Messenger  Chat Bot. You can get the Domain URL and Purchase the domain using our Chat Bot. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Spam-Free Domains

We hand-pick the domains with strict conditions. Even if the domain has slight suspicious activity, we'll toss it out.

Indexed Domains

All of our domains will be indexed on Google. If any of our domain doesn't get indexed, we will provide you refund.

Customized Service

We can hunt domains in your specific niches too.  Just contact support with your budget and niche. 


We have a early access list which is only shown to our ChatBot subscribers.

Whenever we catch new domains, we will list it on our early access page and only the ChatBot subscribers can access them first before it's available to the public.

Click the link below and Just type "EARLYACCESS" to enroll!

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How to Purchase the Domain?

Step 1

Send the domain ID to our Facebook ChatBot and our chatbot will reveal the URL for you to analyse.

Step 2

If you are satisfied with the domain, click on Buy Now.
Our chatbots will provide you the payments link. (or you can use the Payment buttons on the table)
If you're from India, use Instamojo.
If you're from any other country, use PayPal.

Step 3

Once the Payment is successful, we will contact you within 6-8 hours and complete the domain transfer process.


How often do you add new domains?

Are the domains already registered?

Can you share the Domain name?

How can I place bulk orders?

Do I need to pay for domain transfer?

Do you guarantee ranking increase?

Why Ahrefs Historic RD is listed in the table?

What if the domain already has manual action penalties?

Why don't you use the domain for your own sites and make money, instead of selling it?

Why the metrics in the table are different from the actual metrics available on Ahrefs and Moz?

What is your refund policy?

Can I get special discounts or offers?

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