Domain Coasters 4.0 – Better Than Ever πŸ”₯

We are happy to announce the launch of Domain Coasters Version 4.0 with a complete new Design with many additional features.

The primary focus was to easily filter and find the perfect domains quickly.

What's New? 🀩

#1 - 3 Types of Views

We've added 3 types of views:

  1. List View
  2. Grid View
  3. Table View

#2 - New Filters

We've received feedbacks on our filters and we decided to add most demanded filters.

DR Filter: You can now filter domains based on Ahref's Domain Rating.

Authority Backlinks: This filter will find domains that have contextual links from authority websites. Example: You can now find domains that have backlinks from

Non Drop: Under Advanced Filters, you can select "Non Drop" to filter domains that have never dropped from the registrant and retained whois registered age.

TF & CF Filter: Under Advanced Filters, you can filter domains based on Majestic SEO's Trust Flow and Citation Flow metric.

#3 - Save Filters

You can now save up to 5 Filters based on your domain preferences and apply it whenever required.

You can also enable email alerts so whenever new domains matching your filters are added, you will get notified.

#4 - Domain Comparision

Domain Comparision allows you to compare up to 3 domains with Basic Information, Age, Links, Metrics.

#5 - Wishlist

If you're interested in a domain, but want to purchase it later on. You can add the domain to your wishlist.

Wishlist domains can be accessed in your Account Settings.

#5 - Domain Data Page


We've given a new design to the domain data page and added more data.

  1. Whois Date:- This refers to the domain whois registration date
  2. Non Drop: Non-drop is where a domain haven't dropped from the previous registrant and age is retained. "Yes" refers that a domain is non-drop.
  3. Majestic Metrics: We've added Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics for all domains.

We've made lot more changes like complete UI change in Accounts Page, Domain data page now has more information. Overall Speed of the inventory page has been improved drastically.

If you notice any bugs, please create a ticket at


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