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Due to a large number of requests from our clients, We decided to jump into links service.
We've handpicked some of our BEST domains with High Authority Links, Squeaky Clean Profile for our PBN network

What is a Private Blog Network?

A PBN aka Private Blog Network is a group of websites which contains backlinks and power. PBNs are built for the sole purpose to link to your main money website. Money website will be greatly benefited from the PBN links. 

Why PBN links in 2020 though?

We know PBNs are around for quite some time and got bad rep in recent years, but they're undoubtedly the best links you could get.
Even today, most agencies and guru's you know are probably using PBNs to rank their sites.

Here's why our PBN links beats other link types.

Low External Links

PBNs usually have much lesser external links to maximum link juice

Homepage Links

Links from homepage is much more powerful and PBNs are the easiest way to get such links

Proven to work

PBNs can be tested whether links from it will benefit you or not. We can't do this with any other link type

What makes us unique?

You can ask us Why to buy links from here when there are thousands of PBN link services that promises the same damn thing.

Here's why we're different than other vendors:

FREE Anchor Text

We go to next mile by analyzing your competitors average anchor text ratios and provide you recommendations based on that. (Completely optional though)

FREE Social Signals 

Social Signals is one of the trust factor. We provide 50 FREE social signals to your PBN posts.

Blog Maintenance

Just like any other "real-world" website, we publish content in our PBNs regularly.


We're known for our chat-bot support, feel free to ask us anything and we'll get back to you within 12 hours.


Safety is our #1 Priority. We make sure we don't oversell to prevent our network from being abused. 

Strong Network

Unlike other services which provides RD30-40, We provide links from Domains with atleast RD200+/DA 40/DR 20.

Features of our network

High Quality Domains

All of our domains goes through tough scrutiny for spam detection. We use top notch domains in our network packed with tons of juicy contextual links from high authority sites! 

Our Average Domain Metrics:
Moz Domain Authority: 40+
Ahrefs Domain Rating: 20+
Ahrefs Referring Domains: 200+

Bot Blocking

We block all the major backlink crawlers to make sure our network is safe and your competitors won't find out your links!

Maximum Link Juice

We make sure you get the maximum link power from our domains by placing your links in the homepage. 

Quality Handwritten Content

Unlike other PBNs with cheap 500 words content, Our in-house team will write 1000+ words keyword-researched article on your topic.

Super Affordable

Just like our expired domain service, we wanted keep the price fair and affordable to all type of buyers. 
Unlike other link rentals who bill you every month, Our links are one-time-payment.

Footprints Free

Our priority is to maintain our PBNs just like a normal blog. We are publishing regular contents and sending social signals to mimic the real-world blogs. We obviously make sure our network is safe without leaving any footprints.

Link Profile of our Network

Ahrefs 5
Ahrefs 4
Ahrefs 3
Ahrefs 2
Ahrefs 1


We are taking only 20 orders this month!
Because We don't want to oversell our network with too many outbound links in a short period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you reveal the domains in report?

What's your OBL?

What niches you don't accept?

Are these PBNs niche relevant?

How long will my links stay on the homepage?

Do you guarantee rankings?

Do you offer discounts?

What's your TAT?

Do you drip feed links?

Can i build tier links to your PBN?

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