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Affiliate Sites?

Building an affiliate site is like building a house. It consumes a lot of time, effort, and money. Our Panel of Experts will do the hard work for you and get your affiliate website ready to rank in just 90 days.


Does DFY Affiliate Site Service Really Help
You Save Time and money? 🤔

Building a site from scratch requires a lot of groundwork such as Hosting, Site Setup, Niche Research, Keyword Research, Content Management, and more. It takes plenty of weeks to complete the setup.

Our team of experts follows a 9-step proven process to set up the site in just 20 days (excluding content publishing) and get your site ready to rank on SERP.


How Hard Is It to Build Affiliate Sites by Yourself? 😩

Building a site is like building a brand new house. It takes a lot of planning, outsourcing, and overseeing to make sure the site is well-built.

For running an affiliate website you need to hire many people for Designing, Research, Content writing, SEO optimization, and more. Managing all of them could be a big burden on your shoulder.

This is where our DFY service comes in handy to save your time and money.

  • Time consuming process to build the site from scratch.
  • Tedious task to recruit talents with different skill sets for the respective roles.
  • Requires expensive tools, themes, and plugins to set up.
  • A huge burden to manage the team and meet the deadlines.

Industry Is Filled With Poor Quality Services

There are plenty of sellers when you do a simple google search for “DFY Affiliate Websites” that promise you the moon but end up delivering a site that just won’t perform well on SERPs!

And not just that, only a very few know to build the affiliate site properly on expired domains.

  • Extremely expensive that doesn’t make any sense.
  • High risk of ruining your project with poorly done keyword research, content, etc.
  • No proper communication post-purchase.
  • Using low-quality aged domains.

Why does our DFY Affiliate Site service stands out? 😎

Our team follows a 9 step golden process to build the affiliate sites which is the same process that we followed to rank so many of our affiliate projects!

Restoration of Expired Domain’s Broken Links

Our experts will restore the broken pages which have backlinks to ensure that you get maximum link juice!

Top-Notch Expired Domains
We build affiliate sites on powerful domains with strong authority backlinks that will outperform the competitors on SERP.
A team that cares about your results!

Our team will hand hold you even after the site handover and will provide free of cost support for 60 days

Flexible Monthly Payments

We understand that upfront full payment might not be possible for all. We’ve flexible payment options that will not burn your wallet.

We build Affiliate Sites on Powerful Auction Domains

1000’s of customers from all over the world have used our expired domains and managed to rank quickly on SERP!
It’s no brainer that powerful expired domains will provide an insane edge over your competitors who use newly registered domains.
We handpick super powerful domains from auctions for DFY sites that will outperform the competitors on SERP.


Highly Brandable Names

Expired domains with brandable names are super rare but we will make sure to pick domains that have short names and great brandable potential.


Premium Authority Backlinks

Our domains will have backlinks from Internet’s most credible websites like,, etc which will provide you an unfair advantage over competitors.


No Sandbox Nonsense

Newly registered domains can easily get stuck in the Google sandbox for several months. Expired domains, however, have already beaten the dreaded sandbox filter and are ready to rank on Google SERP.

A Brand That You Can Confidently Trust 🙌🏻

Panel of Experts

Our team has years of experience and has built plenty of successful affiliate sites! Our R&D team constantly tests & works on our process to ensure you’re getting results with our service.

High Quality Domain Seller

We are one of the most trusted expired domain sellers in the industry and our customer's success speaks for itself! 

Providing High ROI Results

Our customers get significant results with a high return on investment.

Super Fast Process

Our team will get the site setup done in just 20 days (excluding content publishing) and the whole communication with our team will be highly responsive and quick!

Customer Support

Our team cares about you and we mean it! Even after the site handover, we will help you with anything for 60 days.

We value your money

You get the best DFY affiliate site at a radically fair price compared to any of the other competitors.

What we offer?

Our team follows a 9 step golden process to build the affiliate sites which is the same process that we followed to rank so many of our affiliate projects!


Niche Research Report

We will provide a niche research report which will have 3 niche options, that are extremely researched and deemed suitable for the domain


Competition Analysis

We will provide a competitor’s report that analyzes keywords, competition, monetization, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and more


Premium Site Setup

From Logo to Setup, everything is crafted to provide you and your audiences a “Premium feel”. Just look at our sample site!


On Page SEO Optimization

On-page is a crucial pillar of SEO. We follow the best on-page practices to ensure your site is optimized.


Conversion Optimized

We ensure the site is properly optimized for maximum conversion.
We use affiliatable to create beautiful product boxes and Tables.


Responsive Design

Your website will have a responsive web design and will look gorgeous on any device


Keyword Research Report

We will provide a keyword research report with a lot of untapped keywords and you will have full control on which keywords we should work on!


Content Planning

You’ve got the choice to pick whether you want Native English Writers or Non Native Writers. We will provide a content plan report which will have the topics and the schedule of delivery.


Page Speed Optimization

Core Web Vitals plays a vital role in ranking and we will optimize your site to pass the insights.


Premium WP Plugins Themes

We use Premium WordPress plugins and themes - you don’t need to pay anything extra!


Social Media Accounts

We will set up Facebook Page, Twitter Page, and Tumblr page for your website.



We will connect your social media accounts to automatically publish new posts whenever you publish a new article.

How it Works?



Our team will provide you with a proposal on what Niches, Keywords, Content to choose.



After the proposal is made, you will either approve it or you can ask us for revisions/suggestions. 



After we receive the approval, our team will execute the next step of work. 


Site Handover

Our team completes the site setup in 20 days and content publishing in 90 days. 

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Done-For-You Affiliate Site building is a service where our team will build an affiliate site on an expired domain. DFY affiliate site saves you the time and hassle of managing the team to build the affiliate site

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